How we work

The aim of Casaplus + is to  improve the way your house looks and is perceived by buyers in order to maximise your potential to achieve a sale . Our service  evaluates more than just the decoration and organisation of your home,  it encompasses the more subtle elements of the way your home is viewed such as  depersonalising  it  to creating a more generic environment that will have a wider  appeal .  Your home needs to look inviting, well decorated  but above all should look neutral. This is a tried and tested formula that works. Our team at Casaplus + will transform your home in order into a saleable, covetable property.

Initial Consultation

Casaplus +  will visit your property and meet with you to discuss your requirements. We will evaluate your property and prepare a comprehensive report with practical suggestions, implementable solutions  accompanied by the corresponding estimates that fit in with your budget in order to make your home as saleable and attractive to buyers,

The next step


If you would like us to handle the refurbishment project, we at  Casaplus +  pride ourselves on offering a professional, fast and efficient service. If you contract Casaplus + to implement the project, the price paid for  the initial consultation and assessment report will be  deducted from the final project cost.

A  Casaplus + project to enhance and maximise the selling potential of your home, represents a very profitable investment. The initial cost varies between 0.2% and 1% of the value of your property, however  the benefits invariably exceed the investment,  by minimising the need to further reduce the sale price (which, difficult in this market can reach thousands of euros in one price drop), to increasing the desirability of your property giving you greater powers of negotiation  ultimately  giving you the competitive edge in a highly saturated housing market.



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